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Handmade Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...handmade Christmas inspiration (ok it actually came from a whole variety of talented folk out there in internet land). There is something so special about making things at Christmas & I always set out with the best of intentions but never quite get there...this year I am vowing it will be different.

1. Amazing Christmas brownies with white chocolate buttercream frosting (that look good enough to eat anytime of year) from

2. Handmade garland ideas that look perfect for my bare mantlepiece.  Get inspired from

3. Easy handmade decorations (I could see this still going horribly wrong for me) but they are so cute & would love knowing I made them - super easy instructions at

4. Marshmallow snowflakes, so festive & even better they are edible. Easy to follow instructions from Martha Stewart

5. Crochet candy canes - I love these! Candy canes are an obsession of mine & I just bought a whole box of real ones (I can't trust putting them on the tree though with Mr Taffeta Ramblings about). Follow the simple video tutorial to learn how to make them

6. Christmas cocktail lust with these Cranberry Ginger Fizz cocktails - how amazeballs do these look? I am hoping to try this for my Christmas bash, Mr TR loves ginger beer & I have a thing for gin so it is the perfect tipple! Find the easy recipe here


  1. Those red velvet brownies look yum! I'd seen (and eaten) red velvet cupcakes before but never the brownie version. Might have to try them out. Speaking of brownies, we're doing a post next week about chocolate ones. It's an amazeballs recipe ;)

  2. @PolkaDot Lighthouse I can't wait to try them, thinking Christmas Eve will be baking time! Will keep my eyes peeled for chocolate ones on your blog xxx