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Clutching at straws

There is something about a clutch bag that instantly makes me feel put together. (that is once I have squeezed everything in, I tend to definitely fall into the Mary Poppins packing style). I usually only use clutch bags for evenings out but I have been coveting a few that make me feel my clutch bags should see daylight.

1.  Bright blue envelope clutch bag. I love the pop of colour and it is big enough to fit all my must haves.

2. Suede & chunky gold clasp. This is my favourite look as it isn't trying too hard and is perfect for the daytime look I want.

3. Animal print clutch: cute & carefree. I would wear this with a simple outfit just to give it a bit more oomphh.

4. Brown leather vintage feel clutch: I love the simplicity of this & I have drawers full of similar bags that I am thinking could go out for a daytime jaunt. 

5. A splash of colour. Firstly I love that this would add just the right amount of colour to an outfit, secondly the size of the bag, it would accommodate all my worldy 'just in case of emergency goods'.


Weekend with Judy

I hope everyone had a fab weekend, I had a vintage filled weekend! On Saturday I went to the Judy's Vintage Kilo Fair in Edinburgh and it was certainly worth the trip to deepest darkest Leith. It was a blustery old day and perfect for being indoors scouring the rails for vintage gems. I had never been to a kilo sale before and didn't really know what to expect. It was a lot more frantic than my normal vintage sales, with mob mentality taking over & people grabbing & throwing items about, but it all added to the fun!

It was great, with arm fulls of clothes you simply asked one of the lovely staff to weigh your treasure and either paid or kept shopping. I was glad I arrived early, as it was eventually queued out the venue to get in. I left a very happy shopper with 2 jumpers, a gorgeous mohair cardigan, a 70s dress and pirate style boots (will blog about my finds later in the week). Has anyone been to a kilo sale? It seems like a really affordable way to revive your retro wardrobe (my haul cost me all of £30).


Santa are you listening?

Happy Friday! The weeks are scarily flying by, which means December is getting close. Mr Taffeta Ramblings has banned all chat of Christmas until December 1st but I think there is nothing wrong with throwing it out there and enjoying the festive build up! With that in mind if Santa reads blogs, I have been very good this year & wouldn't say no to:
1. Reiss feather gilet (not the most practical of wishes but it is oh so soft).
2. Mulberry postman's lock suede clutch (love the colour)

3. Urban Outfitters Dalmation heart boots (I just think they would add some jazz to even the dullest of outfits.

4. Whistles Melissa dress (perfect in every sense)

5. House of Harlow 1960 key pendant (I love House of Harlow designs & would love to add this to my collection.)

6. Paris print by Cosas Minimas (Paris for my walls, if I can't be there in person every day at least let me stare at this quirky print.)

I hope I am not the only one getting giddy at the thought of all the festive cheer. Been quite organised this year with crimbo shopping, still got some bits & bobs to get that have to wait until pay day but I tell you Christmas is in the air!

Have a great weekend whatever you are up to! xxx


The Maisonnette

While out a wandering at the weekend, I popped into one of my favourite pit stops in Glasgow's westend, The Maisonette. Nestled in De Courcys Arcade, it is teeming with handmade gems & independent designer gold. I was looking to pick up some stocking fillers and left with an owl birdwatchers notebook & some lovely festive cards. The lovely ladies that run the store, Carrie & Clare are always friendly & welcoming and there is normally some sort of 50s music bobbing away in the background. You can now shop online, which means I don't even have to leave the comfort of my armchair to go a wandering!

Date for your diary: The ladies are organising a 'Holiday Hullabaloo' on Dec 10th for some festive shopping filled to the brim with indie craft & design. I already have a date for the day with Mrs PieinSoup and we will be shopping our little hearts out, with only the occasional stop for hot chocolate & mince pies, purely for sustenance purposes!


Looks I am loving

This week I am feeling inspired by rich tones, studs on everything, glitter & more glitter & warm knits.
1. Burgundy red: I love this laid back look: leather jacket, simple statement jewellery and amazing floor skimming skirt. It seems like everything I own this season is this shade of red but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a beauty like this.
2. Spring 2012 Versace studded handbag:
I am not a huge Versace fan, a bit too much for me normally but this is gorgeous. Studs in all the right places.

3. OPI love: sparkles & glitters right down to the nails are my winter staple this year, been stocking up for the festive party season.

5.  Geeky glasses & winter layers: this is my look du jour. I am either suffering from a bad case of hot flashes or layering a bit too much of the winter woolies but I like to be prepared for all weathers. I think this girl rocks this look & doesn't look too try hard or styled.

6. Fair Isle patterns: I adore the Nordic feel of this Free People sweater. This look seems carefree & just thrown on which I love.


Sunday funday

Happy weekend one & all. I have had a mostly food filled weekend (its the time of year for hibernating & stocking up for warmth.)

My weekend consisted of hot chocolate times with Mr Taffeta Ramblings, brunching it up with my ladies in Browns (my good chum Louise & I below wearing our winter warmers), admiring Christmas arriving everywhere ( & getting embarrassingly excited), afternoon tea - so many cakes and hanging with the hipsters at the Death Cab for Cutie gig (they get the prize for nicest, politest band ever). Hope you are having a good weekend whatever you are up to. xxx



Ruthven Lane treasures

Every city seems to have those little streets that have a hotchpotch of shops that stock hidden treasures & gems. In Glasgow's westend my favourite thing of an afternoon is to stumble down the cobbled stones of Ruthven Lane & explore the array of shops. Second hand, vintage, antiques & bric-a-brac all exist side by side & are all calling out for me to give them a new home!

I love that you never know what you will find & that there is something for everyone (nearly new in Glorious, Betty Draper would be jealous in Circa, scared to touch anything for fear of collapse in Relics). Shopping second hand is never easy & I love there is always the possibility of unearthing a gem. Does everyone else enjoy the thrill of the search?



As my dear old granny would say the devil is in the details (still not sure what it means but I am almost certain it is relevant in this context). I think that everyday items can be transformed by an attention to detail or something that makes them stand out. I sometimes think that the details make or break an outfit - someone who pays attention to the minute details of their style just seems more put together to me.

Some details that make me giddy:

1. Clashing prints in similar tones with bracelet details - I think this look takes some putting together. all brown, beige and rust tones down to the amazing bracelets. the toning leopard print shoes just give it a bit of pizzazz.

2. Pearl detailing on the collar - I think this crisp white shirt is transformed from an everyday staple to a stunning piece with the help of some well placed detailing. for me I hate anything too over the top or garish and I think this strikes a nice balance between being different but not gaudy.

3. Accessories piled high - I think that piling on accessories can either look effortlessly chic or like you got dressed in the dark (and that is a fine line!) Some days I think I master this & manage not to look like Mr T, other days I look like an eccentric bag lady & not in a good Olsen way. I think the key is think about toning accessories, stick to gold or silver (I normally do gold but break it up with some old leather bracelets & my antique brown leather watch), intersperse different sized pieces and think about texture.

4. Belts - I have a love affair with belts. for me they make an outfit look finished & complete. I am hardly ever seen without sporting my trusty beat up brown leather skinny belt - I wear it over dresses, cardigans, trench coats. I think belts can be used to make an outfit your own & bring together something that otherwise could seem quite plain.

5. Lace trim - For me the LBD is a wardrobe life saver but with that & just about every other item, I think plain & simple is best, with a twist. For me the cut and style of this dress is perfect, it is detailed without being too showy or in your face. simple, elegant & a slight quirk to it!

For me life without the detailing would be a very dull life indeed!