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From Scandinavia with love

There is something about the vibe of Scandinavian fashion that I just can't get enough of. For those of us that spend our time scouring blogs, the high street & online stores it has been hard to escape the influx of brands from Norway, Denmark and especially Sweden. The functionality and minimalism made famous by Ikea and H&M have developed into a fashion of clean lines, an emphasis on materials and quality.
From amazing street style blogs (The Locals, Style by Kling Stockholm Street Style & of course the influential Facehunter), to fashion savvy brands (Cos, Monki, Acne, Swedish Hasbeens, Filippa K, Cheap Monday) there has been a proliferation of Scandinavian laid back, quirky, nonchalant style.

1. From Stockholm
2. Street chic at Fashion Week
3. Effortless style

Maybe I am getting older and favouring cleaner lines & a more tailored look (Cos is what I think I will wear on a daily basis when I am a proper grown up). Getting a window into Scandinavian fashion, used to mean a focus on durable, hard wearing clothes with a focus on keeping you warm. Moving on from this but staying true to their roots, I think that Scandinavian brands now offer pieces that are quietly oh so hipster cool & laid back in their feel but with an emphasis on the design strengths & quality of the fabric. Two things I think these pieces encapsulate:
Cheap Monday
What does everyone think about Scandinavian design? Only for homeware or are you embracing these fashion brands? xxx


Burberry A/W 2012

Burberry represents all that I love about British fashion - its is a heritage brand with a modern sensibility. In keeping with the patriotic spirit that is sweeping the nation, Christopher Bailey has unveiled his new ad campaign for Autumn/Winter 2012. Burberry have a reputation for featuring young, talented and stylish stars (need I remind you of Eddie Redmayne and Cara Delevingne for their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign or Emma Watson and George Craig in previous years.) The Mario Testino images feature Roo Panes and Gabriella Wilde in these London centric, cinematic feeling shots. As Christopher Bailey put it: "We wanted to play with everything that's at the heart of the Burberry world - celebrating our brand and London through imagery, film, music, weather and our iconic outerwear, all in a very poetic and British way."

What do you think of the campaign? Other exciting Burberry news, as if that wasn't enough excitement over your morning cup of tea, for the first time you will be able to purchase Burberry online from June 1st.



Summer in the city

Hello & happy Monday. I hope everyone had a suitably sun filled weekend. The weather has been glorious & everyone is just so nice to each other in the sunshine. It does greedily make me think if only it was like this all the time, though to be honest I would probably get a lot less done of a day. My weekend was filled with bbq times, ice cream eating and park sitting with the papers.
Living in the city it has been odd to see people wandering about in bikinis and flip flops but the anything goes mentality seems to take over in the sunshine. It does make me fret a little that I need to invest in more midi dresses & sandals (that might be this weeks optimistic task).
Today I am wearing...

(dress - Urban Outfitters, shoes - Topshop, bag - vintage from Portobello Market, sunglasses - *Dixi*)


Bag envy

I have a serious case of bag love. Shoes I could take or leave, bags are when I get a bit silly about what is justifiably ok to purchase - it is amazing how convincing that voice in my head is that says on loop that I need a Mulberry Lily/Del Rey/Tillie in this season's colours. Everyone has their thing & I am not alone in my utter love of all things bag shaped.
It got me thinking about what is it about my leather friend that I covet so much? I love the smell, the structure, the sheer design of bags and how they transform how you carry yourself & your outfit. I change my bag daily to reflect my mood & feel incomplete without my trusty companion by my side.
It got me thinking about the bags that have influenced and inspired me over the years. What do you think of my picks? Or are you a shoe person?

1. Marc Jacobs classic tote - This was my first ever serious purchase when I graduated from University. I loved the classic lines, pockets on the front and buttery soft leather. His name was Francko (am I the only one that names bags?), he has been relegated to my bag cupboard for a while but remains a favourite none the less. source

2. Hermes Kelly bag - designed in the 1930s by Robert Dumas, the bag is iconic and oozes sophistication. Since Grace Kelly sported one around Cannes in 1956 it has topped many a waiting list for fashionistas. For me it has been a source of inspiration with the simple lines, emphasis on the beautiful leather finish and ultimate in luxury feel, it trumps the Birkin, for me as most desired bag.  source

3. And so my love of bags began, the Mulberry Bayswater. Shamefully I have a few of these, they are just so easy to use and unlike some bags, my battered oldest Mulberry looks the best in my opinion. The leather is supple and ages in a way that I can only aspire to. I am a bit miffed at Mulberry's rise to the epitome of 'fashion', for me they were about heritage, craftsmanship and an amazing product. It doesn't stop me lusting after a new bag every season, with the Del Rey's oval shape teasing me currently.  source

4. The class Chanel 2.55. This much copied, much lusted after bag epitomises all that is chic about French fashion. From 1955, the interlocking 'CCs' have represented luxury & a hefty price tag. Fact of day - the chain straps were revolutionary at the time and Coco was inspired by soldier's backpacks. It was also said that the small pocket inside the bag was where she had kept her old love letters. It is on my 'would love to own list' but I do hate the proliferation of copies to the market. source

5. Originally designed in 1997, the Fendi baguette was the original IT bag. It was one of the first designer bags that I noticed. It nearly had it's own seat at the coffee shop in Sex and The City, it was when you knew that Carrie's wardrobe was nothing to do with her income. This little bag has come in every colour and embellishment imaginable. Huge creative talents such as Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst have even designed one. It will go down in bag history as a defining moment for me.  source

6. All things vintage, I love old, slightly pre-loved bags. I have shelves full of them. Vintage bags made it into my list because I adore the history and nostalgia tied up in them. I love grabbing a leather clutch, or my old alligator skin clutch for a night out - it makes me stand differently and adds confidence to my outfit. I have a huge carpet bag that I use everyday for carting my work stuff around, as well as acting as my Mary Poppins bag, I love how the leather is lightly scratched and battered, it feels like it had a whole other life before I came along.  source

7. Lulu Guiness 'lips clutch bag'. This iconic bag just stands out for me, it represents the playfulness & creativity of British fashion. With a starting price tag of £245 upwards, this little bag comes in every colour, print and texture imaginable. I think it just screams fun and would add a certain, 'I don't take myself too seriously nod' to any outfit, imagine black tie dinner accompanied by Lulu's lips bag. source

8.The Balenciaga Motorcycle Le Dix bag has been around for more than a decade and is still a blogger favourite, The Blonde Salad I am looking at you. With its multiple zips, studs and stitched handle, the many sizes available made it an easy to carry and easy to use bag. From the classic black and buttery brown to citrus and pastel colours this bag has graced the arm of many a model & fashion die hard. It is also one of the most copied bags I have ever seen. I think the real Balenciaga bags are easy to spot, the fakes have a shine to the leather and look more cracked than lovingly distressed. Staring at this picture is making me yearn to go uncover my own baby Balenciaga in a soft grey shade. source

9. No bag list would be complete without a nod to Louis Vuitton. One of the most valuable brands in the world. Since the 19th century the company have prided themselves on making their luggage by hand with a focus on quality and craftsmanship (each trunk has an individual serial number & takes 60 hours to make). As one of the most instantly recognisable bags I fall in and out of love with them. I was lucky enough to find a vintage Louis Vuitton satchel in a market in France, I love his leather and structured look but for fear of looking like I am trying too hard I don't actually like to use him too often. LV love or hate?  source

10. The Cambridge Satchel Company took a classic, school bag shape and made it modern and relevant again. Tapping into the vintage love of current trends, the company used the classic Oxford and Cambridge satchel design to re-introduce a classic to the marketplace. It started in 2008 as a small homemade business but became a must have accessory by bloggers. The bag comes in every shade imaginable from pillar box red to fluro yellow, I must be a puritan at heart but I love the caramel coloured brown one. It is a practical, sensible option that I am sure I would have hated with a passion as a kid, nowadays I can't get enough of them  source

So there we have it, these are my top ten bags *I reserve the right to add to them, my mind is now thinking about all the Miu Miu designs I love* what does everyone think, any you could do without or have I missed any pivotal must have bags? Off to organise my bag cupboard now. xxx


Antique Hunting

I love all things old & vintage, this stems from many an hour spent as a youngster trawling for antiques with my parents. These hours spent in musty smelling shops and warehouses have translated into a particular love of spending hours now looking at items, coveting forgotten about objects and rummaging at antique fairs.
Since I knew Mr Taffeta Ramblings would be tied up with all things football related last weekend, I took the opportunity to visit one of the biggest antique markets I have ever been to. The fur coats, ceramics and silver was piled high - though I think I lowered the average attendee age at 10am by quite a lot - from diamonds to taxidermy this fair had it all.

I am not quite ready to put on the bright fleeces of Bargain Hunt, give me a few years, but I do love the rush of not knowing what you will find and what I could potentially be giving a new home to. I was trying to be good on Saturday but somehow browsing turned to buying and I left with a blanket box, a birdcage (doesn't every girl need one in a very Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's apartment kind of way), some 1950s advertisement prints and a silver tray. I had to try & sneak them home without the boy noticing, unfortunately the blanket box was hard to miss!
Blanket box & bidcage
The blanket box's new life as my living room coffee table
Am I alone in my love all things old & musty? xxx


Today I am wearing...polka dots & curls

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a jolly weekend. Rain has become the norm, so unfortunately all my summer shades are still being teamed with tights, cardigans and an ever present trench coat. Time to move I think!
What did everyone get up to? I had a busy one filled with a baby shower, dinner with the girls, a vintage market or two & catching up with Mr Taffeta Ramblings (who was more interested in football watching!)

Today I am wearing...
(dress - second hand, cardigan - Comptoir des Cottoniers, belt - vintage, bag - See by Chloe)


Mink Pink Madness

My new label love is Mink Pink, I spotted their pretty polka dots and lacy fabrics when browsing in Urban Outfitters (always a dangerous past time for me!) The Australian brand seems fun and fresh and perfect for the summer season. I really liked a lot of their pieces because they seem easy to wear and also easy to incorporate into my existing wardrobe. They already have some pieces on both Urban Outfitter's and Asos's website reduced so I may not be able to resist treating myself much longer! Who are your new label loves?

1. High tea vintage collar shirt - £45  
2. Peppermint Pattie Shirt - £45
3. Denim Zappo Shorts - £58
4. Donatella Bodysuit £35


Bits & bobs

It's been a funny old week, I have had the day wrong every day & never quite knew if I was coming or going. Also what is up with the weather? My coral sandals still have the tag on them & I am itching to wear the maxi dresses that I have been stock piling. So I should stop moaning & get on with it I suppose.

This week I have mostly been:

1. Lusting after the new Guerlain perfume. I take a very French approach to perfume & like the idea that someone can smell you as you pass them on the street, is this weird?
2. I am coveting this dress in Urban Outfitters from Mink Pink, it is a little out of budget at the moment, I might have to keep my eyes peeled for a sneaky sale as this beauty would be summer perfect.
3. Lipstick on for drinks & dinner, now I am old this is a rock & roll as my nights get!
4. Wandering around the local vintage & indie designer shops.
5. Lazy times whilst the boy was out, pile of magazines & nail varnish times.
6. I really am getting concerned by my cake intake - last week I decided to have a rubbish dinner so I could justify three bits of cake. Trying to wean myself off this week.
7 & 8. Vintage markets filled my weekend last weekend, so many pretty potential treasures to be had.
9. Flower loving, feels like the world is in bloom at the moment - that will be all the rain then?
10. Beetroot gin fizz - my new tipple & I think it must be healthy too!

What has everyone else been up to? xxx


Today I'm wearing...

Apologies for the blog neglect, work is a little all consuming at the moment. I decided since I had disappeared from daily life except showering & eating, that I would have a rather lovely weekend (albeit with quite a lot of work too) as a treat. The boy & I ate our way round town on Saturday with some cocktails and French Films thrown in for good measure (it made me want to be impossibly chic & drink red wine at every opportunity, nothing new there then). Sunday was spent working with some bar crawling and dinner out to balance the day. Monday I was working but managed to have the girliest of catch ups over some gin with my friends, I swear we have turned into little old grannies with our chat. What has everyone else been up to? Any exciting bank holiday tales?

(floral blouse - Asos, cardigan - vintage from Portobello Market, shorts - vintage Levis, trusty trench coat - vintage Burberry, bag - See by Chloe, shoes - Topshop)


My House of Harlow 1960 crush

I have a huge crush on Nicole Richie's whimsical dressing, though it is not necessarily something I would want to copy - not sure how a silk dress & sandals would fit into my everyday - I adore the House of Harlow 1960 collection for embodying that vintage twist & carefree feeling she does so effortlessly. From their huge cocktail rings, spiked bangles and patterned clutches. One of my favourite pieces that I own is a ring from one of their first collections that Mr Taffeta Ramblings bought me. In the past I have always bought pieces on Asos but there stock seems to be less & less. Anyone ordered from any other UK stockists?
Riley shoulder bag - I think this is the perfect size bag, that I would style up or down for different occasions
Chevron Three Stack bangle - I love the idea of this bangle being stackable & a statement piece for adding some to t-shirt & jeans to my litte black dress.
Pave thick stack ring - I love this ring, it is similar to the one that I own apart from the bling & maybe I could use some more bling.
Resin and Crystal necklace - I love these big necklaces for that carefree, summer day feeling on a daily basis.
Marley clutch in Lime -  this clutch is simply stunning, well at least I think. Box clutches should be quite artistic & add something amazing to your outfit - mostly because for me it is such a chore to fit all my belongings into them.